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Welcome to a resource for anyone who feels "someone (else) should do something" is a fool's excuse. "Be the world you wish to see" is no simple task. Within are some means to empower you to develop/exchange skills and improve your personal environment beyond recognition, signposting other avenues along the way in need of exploration, yet also lived.

The 'Law of Attraction' a popular new-age mantra for envisioning what you want, deservedly mocked for its materialistic distortions, is yet more important for avoiding what you already unknowingly want. Without attention, our behavourial autopilot, programmed by cultural expectations since birth, does much to undermine our best efforts to change. No sustainable future can be accomplished without first transforming this world within.

As soul cannot flourish without the divine, so body cannot know the gifts of creation without fair access to the living environment and its resources. We live in a culture created entirely through slavery and conquest, with still a long way to go to free ourselves of this inheritance. Sustainable, just access to Gaia's resources is forbidden by our cultural mores. These must change if we are to regain our own truest freedoms, but such freedom is rarely welcomed by those accustomed to living at other's expense.

Many of these changes inevitably require precisely such freedom, precisely this justice.

Is it not telling that having assigned ourselves dominion over all that lives, most people's experience of such 'divine' generosity is that life takes much and gives little? Feudal protection rackets thriving to this day are easy to discern, grasping the jaw-dropping trickery of money requires little effort, but the real question is why in our heart of hearts we cannot trust each other enough to live and let live, to use our unique talents to enrich what is available rather than hoard or steal what remains.

Until we wake from this consensual trance, cease to act as each other's jailers, we chain ourselves to a dismal, dark future.

Such compounding fear creates a desert of much that could be fruitful. In Scotland, the endless denuded hills, an immense green desert infested with wooly maggots endlessy mowing our once food rich, fertile hills solely because their legally anointed owners can neither afford, nor are obliged to use their holdings sustainably. And why should they? Thriving instead on billions in annual EU handouts, refusing entry to those who could both sustain themselves and enrich the land, literally herded into tiny urban reservations by planning laws created by those same feudal owners who still enjoy the profits of the lands stolen by their forefather's outright thuggery.

If we truly were living in an advanced and free society how could this be possible?

Thousands of years of violence, distrust and self-deceit cannot be undone overnight, or even within a generation. But until we start the attempt, plus ça change. And time is short. Climate change is only the tip of the iceberg confronting us. Sensitivity to what lies beneath our own feet and between our ears are essential steps towards healing the Mother.

This site won't save the world ~ but it might help you to.


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