Why I built my house. Heavily censored by Permaculture Mag and published without my consent in Permaculture #70

Refusing UK media in an attempt to protect the location - I allowed the Russian national TV network to film a short piece for a news program. Would love a translation of the narrative!

The BBC website article that sparked the furore.

Self Watering Greenhouse - published in Permaculture #66

Twist & Twang Tensegrity - published in Permaculture #65

Article in the Independent - published February 20 2008

Article in the Big Issue - published March 13 2008

Article in the Times - published March 11 2008

Article in the Daily Mail- published March 11 2008

Article in the Daily Mail - published March 12 2008 (what a difference a day makes!)

Article on Offgrid.net - the "Great Housing Swindle"

Selection of comments from The Register - March 2008

Selection of comments from Neatorama - March 2008

Paving Slab Stove - published in Permaculture #53

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