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<rant on>The state’s compulsory baby-sitting service, euphemistically styled ‘education’ prepares us only for the compliant, unquestioning routine of  (and ‘frees’ their parents to) work – our culture’s most sacred cow. Beyond the three R’s, absolutely nothing of importance is taught: understanding money, democracy, land rights, interpersonal relations, basic DIY skills, tax revenue flow, vehicle maintenance, sexual skills, conflict resolution, inner space, self healthcare, yoga, herbal wisdom – on and on and on – all the necessary understandings for truly living, if mentioned at all are either too superficial to be useful, or presented so as to make them completely uninteresting and thus seemingly irrelevant.</rant off>

So here you are – looking to make good some of these deficiencies. Welcome! Here are listed various courses and opportunities I or folk I trust run, and consider useful. Most are hands-on practical skills, some education in deeply needed, yet less well-trodden areas of life’s skillsets like effective communication, or sacred journeying.

If you sign to the mail list, you’ll be lucky to get four emails a year, so please don’t fear spamming with endless yoga retreats and PDC scams. There is more than enough of that floating around cyberspace already. I only promote the kind of stuff visible on these pages. You will though get advance notice (before appearing here) of any courses or builds I am personally involved in.