Design Model for the GateHouse
( Hobbit House)


<IMG SRC="webhouse1.jpg" WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480 BORDER=0>


( I have upgraded this to a newer version - original dates from 2005 - so it should run in most browsers now. I apologise for any erratic behaviour ~ if in trouble use the Reset button. )


DISPLAY: Use the checkboxes to display or hide various parts of the building
Show All button restores all parts of the building

RESET: Restores the position and viewpoint only, Display controls are unaffected

ZOOM IN/OUT: While holding Right mouse button down, move mouse towards top of picture
to zoom in, or towards bottom of picture to zoom out
Moving further from the centre increases zoom speed (i.e. keep mouse near
centre of picture for fine adjustments)

ROTATE HOUSE: Hold Left Mouse button down whilst over (most parts of) house ~ move mouse to rotate house itself. Inside the building this operates slighty differently, changing your
view (as if you were floating about inside). Try it!

DRAG HOUSE: Hold Control key and hold left Mouse button down to grab house and
slide it about to exactly position what you are looking at
(only works outside the building)


Will write a fuller description of the hows and why's over time
meanwhile check out the Project Updates here or
view photos of the build here.

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