Kachelofen style wood-fired storage heater
paving slabs, steel plate & fire cement

Cost £20 - £150 (dependent on quantity of reclaimed materials used)

<IMG SRC="stove.jpg" WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480 BORDER=0>


(Model now upgraded from 2005 version - so should run in most browsers.
For stove as actually built, see photos.)

Hold Left Mouse button down whilst over model ~ move mouse to rotate
(If X-ray is unchecked you will need to click on the chimney ~ if X-ray checked then anywhere)

Control & Left Mouse button to Zoom in(up) or out(down)
Move further from centre of picture to increase zoom speed

Note: This stove has now been built and in regular use for over five years. Checkout the links below for further info. Please read these SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS before building!

INTERIOR: 3ft by 2ft paving slabs sides and back, 2ft x 2ft base, rest all strips cut from slabs

EXTERIOR & BASE: Paving Slab or Rock (Check X-ray to remove) 

       TOP: Paving Slab or natural rock

DOORS: Steel doors mounted on pierced steel plate

Paving slabs can be cut with a concrete handsaw, jigsaw with tungsten blade, angle grinder or
stonecutting wheel. The design stacks like blocks needing fire cement only for joint sealing.
Doors could be reclaimed from a derelict stove, internal uprights in brick or tile or mortared rock.

A small fire for five or six hours, absorbed into the stone as it travels through the maze-like flue. In a well insulated (e.g. strawbale) building provides comfortable 24 hour background temperature without the heavy fuel usage associated with standard woodburning stoves.

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